Category: WordPress development resources

WordPress programmer

WordPress programmer or project based Panpic offers support of WordPress developers in the following ways: WordPress programmer: With this option you will have at your disposal your personal WordPress programmer for a fixed monthly fee. The huge advantage of this, is that the programmer will get an in depth knowledge of your working methods. This […]

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Custom wordPress theme development

You can use our expertise of custom WordPress theme development for example, for: The realizing of a commercially marketable WordPress theme Building of a customer-specific web design created by the client Reusable customization, like, for example, plugin-development Building community portals, knowledge sharing systems and e-commerce platforms A custom WordPress website Customized WordPress theme development can […]

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WordPress specialist

Additional capacity or additional expertise When companies need additional capacity or expertise they cannot provide themselves, they hire Panpic. Not only when it comes to developing big customization projects in WordPress, but also when it involves the quick and effective development of smaller websites that still need to live up to high quality standards. WordPress […]

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