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» Introducing website domain names: Price list and how to register to buy website domain names

1. Types of domain names: .com, .net, .org, .gov, .edu, .info, .tv, .biz,... or combination

With country abbreviations:,,,,... For example: Are considered top-level domains. Top-level domain names demonstrate the professionalism and reputation of businesses doing business on the Internet.
When you have your own domain name, you can use many email addresses on your domain in a very professional way. Your customers always trust a company-specific email address like, or more than an email address Now do you agree that you need a separate domain name?

2. How to find the perfect domain name for your business?

First, use your company name or brand. But there is a more than 80% chance that that domain name will no longer exist because there are many companies with the same name. Furthermore, there are many fierce competitors looking to register your domain name. For what? To limit competition when they exploit customers on the Internet. If your brand name is no longer available, that's okay. Think of the product name, add or remove some compound words... But the fastest way is to contact us to get appropriate advice.

Sellers can search to see if the domain name has been registered or not at the website

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Website domain name price list. Register to buy a website domain name – Panpic

3. w many website domain names can I have?

It depends on your budget, but you can have as many domain names as you want. It's important that these domain names make sense for your business. You can register one domain name for each of your products. This doesn't mean you have to create 100 websites. All you need to do is redirect the remaining 99 domains to one primary domain. You still don't understand why there must be 100 domains, is that true?

4. Has there ever been a duplicate domain name?

Domain names are unique addresses on the Internet so there are never duplicates. We have registered the address, so no one else will ever be able to register this domain name unless we stop using it.

5. Are long domain names difficult to remember and affect access speed?

Meaningful long domain names are not difficult to remember and do not affect access speed. But for user convenience, you should register a domain name as short as possible. Because not everyone is proficient in using computers. Typing a long domain name into the browser's address bar will make customers feel uncomfortable.

6. What should you keep in mind when choosing a domain name?

Để lựa chọn được tên miền hay có rất nhiều thủ thuật, bạn có thể tham khảo tại trang: Tư vấn tên miền

7. After registration, how long will it take for the domain name to become active?

The domain name will be active immediately after being registered on the Internet provided that the Web Hosting and Email records are correctly declared at the time of registration. Otherwise, you will need about 6 to 72 hours. The information (owner name, address, contact email...) of the domain name will need 24 hours to exist on domain name checking websites. If you have an unanswered question, please contact us directly. PanPic's consulting team is always willing to specifically answer your questions.

» Domain name price list (domain)

Domain Initialization fee Maintenance fee/yearly
.vn 350.000 VNĐ (450.000 VNĐ) 500.000 VNĐ (600.000 VNĐ) 350.000 VNĐ (450.000 VNĐ) 400.000 VNĐ (480.000 VNĐ)
.com .net .org .biz .info .us miễn phí 319.000 VNĐ miễn phí 230.000 VNĐ
.cc miễn phí 730.000 VNĐ
.ws miễn phí 262.000 VNĐ
.tv miễn phí 850.000 VNĐ
.mobi miễn phí 430.000 VNĐ