Professional graphic design service

Professional graphic design service


In the Vietnamese market, most companies have a desire to find customers and increase profits for products sold. This can only be done when the company builds its own brand in the market and many known person. This can be said to be not an easy task because of the fierce competition from many competitors in all fields. Besides, advertising information about other products and brands is covered in the media.

Panpic Technology Co., Ltd. always considers bringing benefits to customers from designed products to be the leading factor in the company's development orientation. Through images, colors and design styles that match modern trends... customers can see their class and brand vision after using Panpic's graphic design service.

Panpic Technology Co., Ltd. is providing graphic design services such as

  • UX/UI
  • Logo design
  • Brochure
  • Company profile
  • Catalogue
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Graphic design - Panpic


Owning a website for business in today's internet age is extremely important. A website with a beautiful, eye-catching interface, and page loading speed with attractive content that brings benefits to users will certainly be very attractive, thereby being able to sell a lot of products. Along with that, Panpic designs SEO-standard websites to help you increase your search rankings on Google. 

Logo design

For a business that has just entered the market, an impressive logo that is easy for customers to remember and recognize is extremely important. A company logo is the first thing customers remember, after the company name. Logos play an extremely important role in developing the brand of the product as well as the company itself.

Regarding logo design for businesses, Panpic needs to have some requirements before designing such as the services and products the company is providing on the market, goals, orientation, and main colors the company is aiming for.


Brochure is an advertising publication that contains general introductory information about a product or service, accompanied by images of famous events and tourist attractions, and is an indispensable part of projects. project, it helps businesses reach partners and increase brand recognition. Panpic's brochure design requirements are quite simple. Customers only need to provide project information, documentary photos, and the project's message. The rest will be done by Panpic's talented design team, transforming static images. into vivid, talking images when combined with words. Convey all the content and meaning of the project.


Panpic will design a business profile in the form of a book or at the customer's request to introduce the business, vision, mission, core values, business fields, strengths, products and services, implemented projects and business partners.

Brand identity design

esigning a brand identity system for businesses helps the image to be more easily recognized by customers, positioning the brand in the minds of customers, your products or services will be different from those of the same type. The brand identity system designed by Panpic makes it easy for consumers to perceive physically such as good quality, beautiful design and emotionally such as professionalism, class... creating a desirable mentality. Own products and services immediately.

 Why should you choose Panpic's graphic design service?

  • The designs go from core values linked to the overall brand, consistent with the image of corporate products and services.
  • Images and colors attract viewers, messages and themes are unified in the design
  • The design layout is reasonable, creating a consistent story
  • Diverse design styles
  • Experience has been confirmed with domestic and foreign customers
  • Professional customer service, dedicated support
  • … And there are many other reasons

What do customers say about our service?

Mr. Chu Van Viet - Director of Viet Phu Hung JSC: "professional service, as committed, fast and good product quality. We hope Panpic brings its products and services to more customers."

Mr. Minh Nhat - Director of PC Tech: "Panpic staff are very enthusiastic and professional, supporting customers. We are satisfied with your products and services. If we have the opportunity, we will introduce you to many other partners."

Creative, enthusiastic staff, ready to support customers. With the motto that customers' interests are the driving force for Panpic's development, we always try to bring high quality design products to help customers achieve their goals.

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