Terms of use


1. We are not responsible and do not guarantee the accuracy of information sent to the server by anyone and do not accept any liability or compensation for loss or damage to Data is stored on the server. Users are responsible for maintaining and preserving data on the server.

2. Customers using the service will have to commit to honestly reflecting on service quality on all media, websites, forums... All feedback must be accompanied by authentic evidence. We have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if we detect that the content is inaccurate, offensive, or defamatory, negatively affecting the supplier's reputation.

3. Users must be solely responsible and warrant to Panpic in using their website on the server for legal purposes.

4. Do not use servers or hosting shares for any purpose/form that violates Vietnamese law, especially on software copyright issues, songs... At the same time, be responsible for controlling and prohibiting others from doing so. that on its website.
If we receive notice of copyright infringement, we will conduct an investigation and lock the account upon confirmation of infringement. In case the violation is not resolved after 24 hours from notification and temporary lock, we will permanently lock the account without refunding the service fee.

5. Users are not allowed to post data on the server that is illegal, threatening, deceitful, hateful, distorted, defamatory, insulting... or other prohibited forms of any kind.

6. Customers are required to securely store identification information, passwords or other information related to service accounts or customer management accounts and immediately notify us when you discover any violations. unauthorized access to your account or security breaches, including loss, theft or disclosure of passwords and other information.

7. You will be responsible before the law for your website content and will have to accept all forms of handling from the authorities (if any) if the content violates the laws of the Socialist Republic Vietnam.

8. Users are not allowed to send emails in any form with the purpose of sabotaging or spreading spam from Panpic's hosting server. Includes all programs that send emails in excess of the specified number (100 emails/time), for example: bomb mail.

9. Users do not use source code that can clog or stall the system, exhaust system resources, and overload the processor and memory.


  • Terms of use may be changed and updated to suit each time and type of service.