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Panpic brings together many young engineers who are passionate about mobile app development, developing applications on mobile platforms such as iOS - iPhone, Android.

Scope of building applications in the fields of entertainment, business, marketing, management, life, and news information. In particular, Panpic deploys synchronization solutions across applications including; Website deployment, web service deployment, mobile app deployment.


What does it mean to design a web that runs on a smartphone?

» Build a website that runs on smartphones:Continuous development of technology has changed the habits of computer and internet users to search for information, services, and products. Recently, web surfers may no longer sit in front of computer screens to search for products or services but have switched to handheld devices (smartphones, tablets). As Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins puts it: “Adoption of the mobile web happened eight times faster than the traditional web in the late 1990.”

And the trend of users always holding smartphones in their hands to access social networks, chat with friends and there is a statistic showing that up to 30-35% of social network traffic originates from mobile devices. mobile (smartphone). Among them, more than 42 million people accessed social networks through browsers on their mobile devices in 2011, while 38.5 million accessed through smartphone applications.

» Web design for smartphone version:

Therefore, designing a smartphone version of your website is something your business should do right now. Panpic is a unit with many years of experience in web design for domestic and foreign businesses, highly appreciated for its aesthetic web designs and modern web technology that meets customer needs. Panpic builds websites according to SEO web promotion standards that run on all smartphone browsers, tablet computers, desktop computers... In addition to designing interfaces suitable for browsers running on all operating systems; IOS, Android, Windowphone, RIM. We appreciate the level of professional SEO web promotion optimization.

» What is it like to build a website that runs on a smartphone?

The website on the smartphone version is not a miniature website of the website running on desktop computers or laptops. Websites on smartphone devices have a much smaller screen display mode than those displayed on PCs and Laptops. Graphics features and visual effects are eliminated and replaced by design technologies. More modern website design (html 5, cs 3).

» What are the benefits of a website that runs well on smartphones?

# Reach more customers: A mobile-friendly website can help your business connect with customers and convert their behavior into action.

# Easy-to-read content: Websites running on smartphones are designed to be as easy for users to access as they are on their desktop computers. With an interface suitable for all sizes of smartphone screens, it will help users easily grasp content information.

# ser navigation: Websites running on smartphones will provide users with a way to navigate through multi-touch functions. The navigation structure will be more user friendly and intuitive.

Connect your business quickly: A website that runs well on smartphones allows you to instantly engage users with features like call-sensing functionality and mobile-specific mapping. With a simple operation, customers will immediately be connected to your business.

# Fast web transfer times: Smartphone websites are designed on mobile standards and have optimal download speeds (less waiting and suitable for many browsers).

# Competitive advantage: A website that runs on your smartphone ensures that you capture your visitors' attention when you have it. If your website does not respond well to smartphones, you will lose a lot of visitors and potential customers.

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