Website Management and Maintenance

1. Content management takes care of your website, determines the quality of your business and brand website information

1.1. What does Enterprise Website Management and Warranty Care mean?

After completing the design and construction of the company's website, the initial feeling is that you can sit and look at your results with satisfaction: beautiful shape, eye-catching colors, beautiful interface... That feeling is wonderful. . But to continue to grow, you need to build content to take care of your business website so that product and service information in your field is clear & useful, keeping your website alive to attract customers. stay on the website, thereby bringing positive business results to you.

At the same time, keeping the website operating stably by maintaining security maintenance warranty is one of the key ways to keep the website running smoothly, avoiding errors and leading to access interruptions. important to enhance the reputation of your company as well as your brand.

2. Website Operates Successfully

  1. Website design and construction: 12%
  2. Content management and website care: 80%
  3. Other factors: 8%
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Website Management and Maintenance - PANPIC

3. How does Website Care work?

  • Just like building a house, when you have set up a website, you have completed the physical part. If you want your website to be lively and attractive to readers, you must develop content, which is the soul of the website.
  • Spending a little money, you have completed the framework of the website. But to perfect it, make it effective, bring true meaning to you, your partners and customers, you have to put in more effort and expense to perfect it.
  • If you do not have the resources to care for, maintain and develop it, it is best to hire a service specializing in website management.
  • That will help you have time to focus on your product and service business. Maybe you don't know much about the web, Panpic would like to introduce you to content management techniques. It will help your website come alive with clear, consistent displays of information and products.
By definition, website content management, also known as content management system or CMS (from English Content Management System) is software to organize and create a favorable collaborative environment, with the aim of building Build a unified system of documents and other related content. Recently this term has been associated with website content management programs.

Webmaster content management has the same meaning. In simpler terms, a CMS is a web publishing tool; It helps you publish content outside the website interface to serve readers, of course, according to your wishes. Features: Basic features of CMS include: Approve the creation or modification of digital content, online. “You know it when you see it” (WYSIWYG) Editing mode is like Word Management, user hierarchy. Search and indexing (index). Storage (Backup). Interface customization (interfacing). Manage photos, sounds, clips and links (URLs).
Classification: There are actually many types of CMS: – W-CMS (Web CMS)
  • E-CMS (Enterprise CMS).
  • T-CMS (Transactional CMS): Supports the management of e-commerce transactions.
  • Enterprises often focus on their main production and business areas; Therefore, there is not enough time to orient, find necessary information sources, write articles, edit and update your website.
  • Enterprises produce all kinds of products according to technological processes; Unfamiliar with information processing issues, news and image processing techniques, feeling too complicated and unfamiliar when using the editing tools equipped on the website's CMS system.
  • Administrator staff are not trained in the necessary professional elements, so they are not qualified in terms of technique, aesthetics, perseverance... when performing web publishing work. It feels confusing, boring and tiring to have to check every spelling error, every detail of a photo, and the authenticity of information before posting it on the website.
  • Businesses feel hesitant to spend significant costs to hire 1 or 2 employees to update their website. But they still cannot complete the task because they cannot ensure professional factors. For example, they can update the content, but when the website cannot run due to a server error, they don't know what to do.
  • Businesses wonder if their website has many visitors? Are there broken links that don't lead viewers to the correct page you need them to see?
  • ou may lose sales because your competitors have clearer and more informative website content. In short, if you cannot ensure the above factors, please contact us, Panpic web design company will advise you as follows: 1. If you have human resources, we will help advise & training 2. If not, we will manage it for you
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Business website management service - PANPIC

3.1. Website Care, Warranty, Maintenance, and Business Web Management

Bundled Service Options
(quote VND / Monthly)
Package A
Package B
2,3 tr
Package C
4,5 tr
Package D
7,9 tr
General information:
  • Checking, managing, maintaining and maintaining the website, ensuring the stable operation of the website.
  • Backup – monitor – check website security to avoid viruses and malware
  • Backup – monitor – check website security to avoid viruses and malware
  • Language used: Vietnamese or English.
  • Post content about products, services, blog news, PR articles, and do SEO for products and services
Support posting information 2 article / month 5 article / month 8 article / month 12 article/ month
Write your own articles for the website No 1 article/ month 3 article / month 5 article / month
Fix problems when the website fails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tracking website Yes No Yes Yes
Manage server hosting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create robots.txt Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create file sitemap.xml Yes Yes Yes Yes
Register website to Bing, Google Yes Yes Yes Yes
Install Google analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optimize IMG tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML standardizes SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Post SEO standard news articles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check the website on Google Yes Yes Yes Yes
Back up your website periodically 2 weeks Weekly Weekly 2 / Week
Submit monthly results reports:
  1. Work performed
  2. Number of visitors
No No Yes Yes
Design banner images No No 1 banner / month 2 banner / month
Go to the company's office No No No 1 / month
Minimum contract 1 year 1 year 1 year 06 month
Minimum contract 100% 100% 100% 50%

4. Why Choose Business Website Management Care Services at PANPIC?

  • Technical: We have a team of engineers and a professional technical team in website technology.
  • Content Management: Design beautiful images for SEO standard articles, article content has a standard screen for phones. Editing and writing PR and Call action articles.
  • Website Tracking: We have website testing technology that operates 24/7. Tracking will notify customers by email as soon as the website has a problem.
  • Backup - Backup: Back up website data periodically, avoiding the risk of losing data on the website.
  • Report: Regular monthly visit report.
  • Teamwork: We will share the team work platform with the company as a direct employee of your company.
  • Cost: With outstanding quality and the best service, costs are considered to bring long-term benefits (You can hardly hire an IT staff to manage a website who knows all the factors such as: Technical Technical, Content, Server Management, ...etc). Helps optimize customers' budgets.

5. Contact Business Website Management Care Service