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When talking about online advertising, as part of an online marketing campaign, you will often mention SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Network Marketing.
  • SEM is a form of online advertising on search channels, currently in Vietnam mainly through the search engine of SEM includes several main forms: Google Adwords, SEO (Search engine optimization - search results optimization).
  • Social Network marketing is a form of advertising on social networks. Currently in Vietnam, it is mainly through the largest social network To be effective with Facebook, you should only do marketing.
Advertise online
Advertise online - Panpic

1. Why should you advertise online?

You are planning to advertise online or advertise online, or you are comparing traditional advertising channels & online advertising. So how effective is online advertising channels?
  • Wide coverage: With the explosion and coverage of the internet, your ads are not limited to cities or countries, but can be displayed worldwide.
  • Interactivity: Some Google tools provide advertisers with market information, analysis and information processing.
  • Right time: The intelligence of search engines helps your ads display according to your tastes, at the right time, flexibly & quickly deployed.
  • Flexibility: Allows you to choose interests, gender, freshness, and geographical location where ads are displayed. Flexible budget, to improve efficiency.
  • Choose type: Integrate technology to choose the type of advertising, search advertising, image advertising, advertising based on the number of impressions, advertising based on the number of clicks, helping to create the highest efficiency at low cost.
For example: Your company is selling ABC products.
Advertising budget is 10 million / month
Applicable form of advertising: online advertising Google adwords (With keywords: ABC products, ABC product features, ...etc)
  • The cost for a customer to visit your website is 1000 VND/1 click.
  • Advertising coverage: Nationwide
From Google's report results, you can evaluate the effectiveness:
  • Number of clicks - clicks achieved
  • Sales: Number of products sold compared to before running ads.

=> The small example above helps you visualize the reality of Google advertising, sales advertising plays an important role as an effective means and is the fastest way to help bring products to consumers quickly. best.

2. What is the advertising budget?

Advertising budget is the amount of money you spend running ads. For Google, Facebook, Zalo or TikTok, no matter how much budget you invest, you can run ads on the above platforms.
For example: If you plan to run ads with a budget of 10 million/month or 1 million/month, you can run ads. So what's the difference?
Differences in keyword bidding:
  • You spend 10 million to run advertising, and bid 2000 VND / 1 click. Google will display your ad until the 10 million dollar amount runs out.
  • You spend 1 million running ads, and bid 1000 VND / 1 click. Google will also display your ad until the 1 million dollar amount runs out.

2.1. How is bidding 2000 VND / 1 click different from bidding 1000 VND / 1 click?
  • The higher the bidding amount, the higher Google will prioritize the order of displaying ads in the top position first.
  • Specifically, from the example above, Google will prioritize displaying ads with a bidding amount of 2,000 VND before 1,000 VND.

3. How much does it cost to pay the advertising unit?

  • At Panpic we charge 10%
  • Minimum running budget is 2 million.

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