How to Build a Business Website

How to Build a Business Website

What do I need to prepare to make to a business website?

To prepare to make a website, you need to prepare the basic required information, so that the web design company can understand your needs and desires. The information you require helps the Agency, the programming company understand and advise you to choose a suitable solution and develop the website for a long time.

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Some suggestions are as follows:

1. What does the website do?

What do you make a website for? back to some common goals:

  1. Branding: Website Branding usually, large companies and corporations will focus on this purpose.
    Marketing: Website is a place to convey messages about products and brands that are attractive and attract users to interact, often campaign campaigns.
  2. Product – Services: Website giới thiệu sản phẩm dịch vụ, là nơi để trưng bày sản phẩm cũng như các dịch vụ tiện ích đi kèm thường là các công ty tầm trung hoặc các doanh nghiệp mới. Tham khảo;,
  3. Web app, CRM, platform: Web applications, also known as web applications, to integrate customer care management functions. Refer; Flatfom logistics Phaata

2. Product brand?

What does your brand stand for? What is unique about the product and the customer segment?

3. How is the website style?

You want the UI layout of the website in Asian, European, classic, modern or innovative style, if there is a reference website or you like it, the better.

4. Must be functions or what?

The northern function is required, the rest will be suggested by the website programming company. Some functions of business websites such as:

  1. Home page
  2. About us
  3. Services
  4. Products
  5. Blog
  6. Careers
  7. Contact us
  8. Single pages related to user support information such as: Policy, privacy, ..vv
  9. Portfolio
  10. Corporate culture page
  11. Shareholder

5. How to plan your website budget?

This is delicate, but should be obvious from the start. A common classic sentence is “The budget is always comfortable, if you suggest it, I will approve it”. Then the website developer proposed a villa, but for some reason the investor decided to build a level 4 house.

6. How to schedule

If you want quality, you must have enough time for design and construction here, which is creativity and programming, many units want to receive projects, so they are ready to do it with urgent time, but most of the quality will not be guaranteed.

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