Custom wordPress theme development

Custom wordPress theme development

You can use our expertise of custom WordPress theme development for example, for:

  • The realizing of a commercially marketable WordPress theme
  • Building of a customer-specific web design created by the client
  • Reusable customization, like, for example, plugin-development
  • Building community portals, knowledge sharing systems and e-commerce platforms

A custom WordPress website

Customized WordPress theme development can be used for trajectories with customer-specific designs and for reusable WordPress themes. So we can deliver a fully designed WordPress website, but we can also develop a (reusable) theme of which we only provide the theme files. Because we have experience with building commercial marketable themes, almost anything is possible!

Building on many years of WordPress experience

We develop your customization theme on a firm foundation: A tested and tried basic framework that we have developed ourselves. This framework is based on the experience of building hundreds of customized WordPress websites. Because of many years of experience, we know how we can standardize in a more clever way. We also know how we can make future-proof choices when it comes to customization and the use of existing modules. Therefore, you can safely hand over your WordPress theme development to us.

Our working method

Efficient WordPress theme development always starts with the correct input: A completely worked out design and a clear briefing. However, it is not always possible to deliver this in the most optimal way: It requires lots of experience with web designing and preferably including a WordPress design. In order to make sure that your WordPress theme development trajectory is running as smoothly as possible, we like to think along with you from our point of view and experience. You will find out that the longer you work with us, the more you will profit from our in depth platform knowledge.

Bang Andre
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