Best website design

Best website design

Designs to Inspire You in 2020

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a website that really draws me in. So, I found 27 of them to show you.

These sites push the boundaries of what is known to be possible on the web. Whether it’s the design aesthetic, usability, interactivity, sound design, or value that the site provides, each one is a masterpiece in its respective industry, and something to be inspired by.

Not surprisingly, many organizations exist to highlight these sites and the contributions they make to the web. To help surface some of the most inspirational designs, I gathered 21 award-winners that have made their way through several key awards organizations — including Awwwards, UX Awards, The Webby Awards, SiteInspire, Best Website Gallery, and FWA.

Below this list, I also found six more websites whose homepage designs are just plain cool and worth learning from.

As you browse through the list, know that each site excels in its own way and seeks to serve a unique purpose. While one site may be an excellent example of visual design, another may be an excellent example of interactivity. This means that not all of these sites may be “conversion machines” or blueprint ideas that you can easily copy over to your site.

Rather, they’re great ways to gain some website design inspiration and see the cutting-edge marketing that’s happening in the different corners of the web.

Best Website Designs

  1. Virgin America
  2. Feed
  3. ETQ
  4. Mikiya Kobayashi
  5. The History of Climate Change
  6. Beagle
  7. Woven Magazine
  8. JOHO’s Bean
  9. World of SWISS
  10. Rainforest Guardians
  11. Protest Sportswear
  12. The Teacher’s Guild
  13. Inside Abbey Road
  14. Simply Chocolate
  16. Citrix: The New Mobile Workforce
  18. Southwest: Heart of Travel
  19. Reductress
  20. Overflow
  21. Frans Hals Museum
  22. Minimums
  23. MovieMark
  24. Guillaume Tomasi
  25. The District
  26. Tej Chauhan
  27. Amanda Martocchio Architecture

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